Complimentary Consultations by appointment

9am - 7pm Daily

1. You need an Advocate who can provide 24/7 assistance. Sometimes the unexpected happens, such as missing a connecting flight, losing your luggage, the resort is oversold and you don’t get the room you paid for, or your tour is rained out. Travel agents can get you resolutions fast.   

 2. You need to maximize your experience. The most popular excursions sell out quickly.  An experienced travel agent will be able to prebook excursions before they are sold out, as well as, arrange for private drivers for your transfers, private beach dinners, and experiences that are off the beaten path. 

3. You need Insider Information – A good travel agent has personal contacts at the resort to take care of you, such as the general manager, wedding coordinators, chefs for dietary issues, and private drivers.  Some agents experience the resort with “fam trips” in groups that see multiple resorts in a very short time and only participate in “staged, group events where they are shown what the resort wants them to see, do, or even eat.  We gain our insider information by staying at resorts as a couple, over a week or longer at a time over the last 21 years, so our experience is closer to yours.

4. You may want to plan for the unexpected with travel Insurance with countless options, do you know the differences? An experienced agent will advise you so that you are not stuck with a “travel voucher” rather than a refund, should you need to use the insurance. 

 5. You need to see Actual Photos of the resorts.  Are the pictures in the brochure staged events or “doctored”? Ask your travel agent to see pictures that they have taken RECENTLY  to see a “birds eye view” of the experiences of the resort.  

6 . Travel Agents are meant to save you money…not cost you $$$.  The fact is travel agents are paid commissions from the resorts they sell.  Further the prices offered on the internet are not lower than what agents offer.  YOU  DO NOT SAVE MONEY WHEN USING THE INTERNET, BUT YOU DO LOSE THE EXPERIENCE OF A HONEYMOON AGENT.  Whether you buy from us or not, you need to be using an experienced agent, rather than a telemarketer for your special event.

YOU DO NOT PAY MORE FOR YOUR HONEYMOON, Destination wedding, or vacation by using an agent, but get their expertise for free! SO WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?  However our agents are paid by the resorts after your travel, so please do not use the agent for information only and then book online or over the phone somewhere else. We take our time to assist you and if for some reason you find the same trip for less…..let us know…we will do our best to match the price or determine why you are seeing it for less.

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